Every year the Kennett Fire Department goes to the public school system and local daycares to help teach the children how to prevent fires. By teaching children early on what to do in emergencies, it saves lives. This year there was over 1700 children and 200 adults that were taught fire prevention by department staff.

In 2020, we did fire prevention different due to COVID-19. Below is the link to the Youtube Video that was made so the children knew we were thinking about them this year.

KFD Fire Prevention Video 2020

Fire Prevention is overseen by the Kennett Fire Marshal.


Many home fires are preventable

1. Watch your cooking.

2.Give space heaters space.  

3.Smoke outside

4. Keep matches and lighters out of reach

5. Inspect electrical cords

6. Be careful when using candles

7. Have a home fire escape plan

8. Install smoke alarms

9. Test smoke alarms

10. Install sprinklers

Source: National Fire Protection Association (NFPA®)